Horses in need of more intensive or long-term care can be hospitalized at the clinic.

About this service

Our hospitalized patients are under the care of a team of veterinarians lead by Dr. Thomas van Bergen, Diplomate ECVS.

Horses that require intensive or long-term care can be hospitalized in one of 26 our large and luminous boxes. All horses are stabled on shavings and are fed high quality food adapted to their needs or pathologies.

A general examination is performed at least once daily and if needed more frequently. There is continuous follow-up of hospitalized horses by at least one veterinarian.

Potentially contagious horses are isolated in quarantine. Horses in intensive care are under permanent video surveillance.

Our specialist

Thomas van Bergen

DVM, PhD, Diplomate ECVS
European Specialist in Equine Surgery
Co-founder and owner