We offer all types of surgeries, both elective and emergency procedures.

About this service

Dr. Thomas van Bergen, PhD, Diplomate ECVS (European Veterinary Specialist in Equine Surgery) is in charge of the surgical team.

All types of surgery, both elective and emergency procedures, can be performed at the clinic. This includes arthroscopies, laparoscopies, castrations, colic surgery, trauma surgery and many more.

The clinic disposes of a large and modern surgical theatre with 2 recovery boxes, especially designed for an assisted recovery in the best and safest circumstances.

An experienced anaesthesiologist is responsible for bringing the horses under anaesthesia and the clinic has a full monitoring system available to allow early detection and intervention in case of the slightest problem. Two fully padded recovery boxes equipped with systems to guide the horse during induction and recovery are available.

The clinic has a separate surgical theatre dedicated to standing surgeries, such as laparoscopy, a technique in which Dr. van Bergen has specialized and even gained international recognition. During his PhD, he developed a specific laparoscopic technique (‘laparoscopic epiploic foramen mesh closure’) for a life-threatening intestinal disorder (‘epiploic foramen entrapment of the small intestine’), which has been adopted by surgeons all over the world.
Read the PhD thesis.

Our specialist

Thomas van Bergen

DVM, PhD, Diplomate ECVS
European Specialist in Equine Surgery
Co-founder and owner