Internal Medicine

Both routine and emergency medical cases are welcome at the clinic.

About this service

The internal medicine team is supervised by Dr. Barbara Broux, PhD, Diplomate ECEIM (European Veterinary Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine).

Every problem related to internal medicine, including but not limited to chronic weight loss, intermittent colic, persistent cough, skin rash,… can be examined at the clinic. We also welcome the equine athlete for an in-depth check-up of performance-related problems (cardiac, respiratory, muscular disorders…).

The clinic has a large internal medicine examination room and specialized material such as an endoscope, a gastroscope and high-quality echographic and radiographic equipment.

Routine blood samples, blood smears, tracheal aspirates, skin scrapings, etc. can be immediately examined in our in-house lab. Dr. Broux is especially interested in equine cardiology and has performed several years of international research in this domain.

Our specialist

Barbara Broux

DVM, PhD, Diplomate ECEIM
European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine