Orthopaedics and pre-purchase examination

Both lameness and pre-purchase examinations can be performed either in the field or, certainly for more complex cases, at the clinic.

About this service

Dr Jean Luc Fraipont is responsible for our orthopedic team.

Three portable x-ray machines, 1 fixed x-ray machine as well as 5 portable ultrasound machines.

Our approach usually consists of a thorough clinical examination combined with step-by-step local anaesthesia in order to localize the pain as accurately as possible, and diagnostic imaging to visualize any lesion(s). For more complex examinations, an-depth examination can be performed at the clinic, where we have an orthopedic examination room with a high-performance ultrasound and a high-end x-ray machine allowing us to make radiographs with higher detail and contrast, even for hard-to-reach areas such as vertebrae, sinuses, pelvis and head.

Jean Luc Fraipont is available for pre-purchase examinations in the Champagne Ardenne region, in the North East of France, or at the clinic.

Responsible veterinarian

Jean Luc Fraipont

Co-founder and owner